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We stand for Science

It took 4 billions years or so for life to evolve from single cell to today’s biosphere, an incredibly complex system of a trillion species, that transforms our star's energy and our planets elements into an unstable and magnificent assembly of ever-changing structures.

Part of this equation is the 200 000 old Modern Human, a brand new animal whose collective intelligence builds knowledge and tools out of the interaction with its environnement, then distributes it through its structure and through time, thanks to increasingly more efficient means, from the invention of language to today's wikipedia.

About 3000 years ago, the fastest evolving culture of the animal world took a fantastic acceleration.

All of a sudden, rather than letting natural selection take care of the value and development of its knowledge by simply not letting survive the ones with beliefs of lesser survival value, the Modern Human discovered that they had the possibility to rely on themselves to develop a much faster and effective method: fact based rational thinking. Science was born, and Human started using their combined brains to turn the reality into quality knowledge with predictive value.

A split second later, Today, the Modern Human has become the master of nuclear power, edits DNA and nanobots, develops artificial intelligence and is at the gate to the stars and post-humanism. Its power has risen to such a level that it sheds an existential risk not only to himself, but also to the entire terrestrial biosphere: The only one in the Universe we know of for now.

In this context, quality knowledge and predictive models are the key to qualified and intelligent decision-making.

Science is the best tool 4 Billion years of evolution has come to. In order to comprehend the world and act responsively.

We have to STAND behind SCIENCE.

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