Meet our team

The association functions thanks to its members who have been involved for years, and whom we present to you on this page, but also thanks to the support of all the volunteers who assist us punctually. Because beyond this permanent team, a vast community of volunteer pilots has been formed, who for instance offer flight hours or working hours for relevant projects that protect the environment, everywhere on Earth. These wonderful people do not appear on this page, but we sincerely thank them all!


Aurélie COLOMB


Researcher in Global Atmospheric Chemistry and Lecturer at Blaise Pascal University, she currently works at the Clermont-Ferrand Globe Physics Observatory, more precisely at the Physical Meteorology Laboratory. She is also an adventurer, always associating science with her expeditions. She has been part of the team since the beginning, helping to shape the scientific programs of Wings for Science.




A graduate in meteorology, Ernest worked for many years at Luxembourg International Airport as a meteorologist. He is also a private pilot, and an instructor in aeronautical meteorology.



Social Media

This globetrotter comes from Poland, lived in the United States, then worked in Slovakia, Austria and Luxembourg as a logistician for a large industry and now as an entrepreneur. Very active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, founder of Fail Learn Succeed Forum, member of Mumpreneurs Luxembourg, and ambassador of Women's Entrepreneurship Day for Luxembourg... among others! In short, she knows how to build and animate communities, and is therefore naturally our social media expert.




A doctor with multiple specialties, Rebecca works in private practice as well as in hospital emergencies. She is also elected to the Council of the Order, an institution representing doctors. Rebecca follows the pilots on every expedition and reports to every local doctor in the event of a medical emergency. She always makes herself available to the team, providing valuable assistance.


La Guilde


This large NGO, based in Paris, carries the status of public utility. She has always been involved in local communities with development initiatives and promotes worthwhile adventures through film festivals. Their global experience in local collaboration and their great knowledge of development are very useful for our objectives.


Prepare 2 Go


The specialty of this international team based in Belgium is logistics in extreme environments. In other words, they are able to rescue people and equipment from any dangerous situation. As you can guess, their experience can be very useful for our purposes!