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Why not give a purpose to your flying? Are you thriving to make use of your passion and skills to support scientific and environmental protection? Then you have what it takes to join the team! You can click on the box above, and fill in the form.

Do you need aerial support? Volunteer pilots, all over the world, from Greenland to Patagonia, can help power up your research with unique data and/or your advocacy work for preserving the environment. To register with your project, fill in the form in the box above.

Do you have specific skills, and do you think the association could benefit from them? Do you have a project that is related to our action, and want to contact us ? Go ahead, we are willing to hear from you!

with my talents

Be part of it

Each of us is aware of the poor state of our planet and has the will to act to improve it. But we often feel disarmed because we don't have all the necessary skills or tools. By teaming up, we can make a difference and help change that. This platform is one way. Through "Wings for Science", we made several FINDINGS: - Importance of aerial data to support environmental battles and/or complete scientific studies - Cruel lack of data for research and/or conservation organisations. - Willingness of many pilots to join the Wings for Science approach The need for aerial data is real, and there are people willing to get it. We become this link that was missing.

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