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Gulf countries now

After Pakistan, we enter into the Gulf countries !

The 1st in the list : United Emirates. We fly over the desert for hours, then Oman (Muscat) and then land in Abu Dhabi just before sunset. On the finale, we can enjoy the view of the illuminated mosque, and at the landing, surprise : one man working in the airport heard Adrien's name, and decides to come... he is Marios, an old friend of Adrien, from Cranfield university !

We are spending the evening with him and his soon-to-be wife Luciana, and as you can guess, they have thousands of things to discuss

In the same time, we also meet Marie and Martin, a very nice couple of 2 teachers working in the Lycée français Théodore Monot, and that are hosting us. So good ! Just at the arrival, we already have 4 friends more !


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