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Here we go !

That's it, the project is finally starting! We both took a sabbatical month, we can now take the airliner tomorrow morning to reach New Caledonia, and from there the capital of Vanuatu and finally the island of Tanna. The objective: to attempt to carry out a 3D modeling of the Caldera de Siwi zone, for the volcanologists of the LMV.

This test mission will allow us to validate the entire concept: both the realization of the scientific mission (for this time only, we will rent a plane on site), but also the interactions with the pupils of the schools which follow, and finally the taking of images for the films that we have planned to make. Size challenge, then!

Many problems are still to be solved among which the current activity of the Volcano, which prevents us from approaching the dome... Do you see on the map? The volcano we plan to fly over is labelled in yello at level 2, the most active in the area!

To be continued...



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