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Objective in sight

That's it, we landed on the island yesterday, after a wonderful flight between the islands of Vanuatu!

Tomorrow, we will take off again to finally fly over the Yasur with the Lake Buccanneer, which we have rented and will use for oblique photography.

In order to prepare for the flight, we spent the day marking with very visible plots and recording the precise precision of the points identified in red, the surveyor's nails, which are located on the eastern flank of the volcano. These will be used to recalibrate the aerial photos with precision in the terrestrial reference frame.

For this, it was necessary to survey the volcano on foot... but the latter is still very active! Do you see the size of the projections? it falls like that (the size varies between 1 fist and 1 fire truck) continuously, it's really impressive and terrifying! To succeed, there are several dangers to avoid:

- do not fall into the crater of the volcano

- do not fall on the slope full of hot volcanic bombs

- be very fast and breathe as little as possible, because the large quantity of SO2 gas coming out of the crater is very toxic

Difficult to keep calm!


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