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Start of the numerical work

That's it, we return to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, where we will find computers and enough electricity to start the work of digital photo processing.

1st job: georeference these.

The Nikon's automated module pretty much worked, however, the Canon's JOBO GPS was completely out of order...

We must therefore use the coordinates recorded by the backup GPS to geolocate the photos, which promises to be long and tedious... knowing that we have 60,000 photos to process!!!

Few days later, here are the first preliminary results: a cloud of points (4,600,000 points all the same), which describes the south-eastern slope of Yasur, in the area where the positions recorded with precision by GPS this summer are.

And there, the first summary reconstruction of the interior of the crater. To have a more precise image it would have been necessary to go down to the bottom... But there we pass our turn;)

These are only the first results, the computers will continue their calculations to refine the models.


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