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Test of the survival gear

That's it, we finally receive our survival equipment, from our sponsor ZODIAC AEROSPACE! It's time to test it in real conditions.

For the suits, we try them in khaki, like that of the fighter pilots. But after reflection, it seems wiser to us to distinguish ourselves from them, and in addition we seek the opposite of their objectives: they seek camouflage, while we seek to be spotted in the event of a crash! We therefore opt for an orange color, the only one that we will not find anywhere in nature: thus in the event of a crash, whether on ice, in the ocean, in the desert or in the jungle , orange will always stand out!

For lifeboats and distress flares, we jump into the water, and in a timed time we get into the boat and turn on the equipment.

It was after carrying out the test that we realized its essential nature: there are several reflexes to have, so as not to set fire to your canoe in a few seconds;)


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