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Water Festival in Yangoon !

We land in Rangoon, where the authorities welcome us in a vey friendly english. While we wait for the visa, they make some jokes and magical tricks with cards and coins, to make Clem laugh !

We then meet the lovely family of Herve and Touza, that explain us we have the chance to be here during the water festival : a annual huge event, during which everybody celebrates the end of the dry season by water-splashing everyone in the streets.

We directly go in the center of the city, and are astonished (and wet) : the whole city is an open-air discotheque, where everybody, from the very youngs to the very olds, are dancing in the streets listening the loud music from the speakers (music from modern tectonik to traditional songs), and are splashing water using all the type of recipients they can find.

Some use glasses of water or waterguns, while some are pomping water from the river to splash us with fire-extinguisher ! Everybody is happy, dancing and smiling and laughing, fully wet under the sun, and everybody is curious about us ! People are stopping Adrien to dance with him, and some monks ask to be photographed with Adrian, as he "comes from the country of the blond people ».

The atmosphere is incredible, very-far-from earth, we love this country !


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